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Nyakumi known as Nyakumi Minamoto in he nyakumir first two appearances and translated as Saki Ayanokouji by DLsite is a supporting antagonist and protagonist in the canon. Debuting as the protagonist of the third release Nyakumi, she also made an appearance in Mai, and was a central character of both Game of Lascivity OMEGA (as the primary antagonist) and its sequel Game of Lascivity OMEGA 2 (as a supporting protagonist).


Nyakumi’s basic design is the same across her appearances, changing only a little between Nyakumi and OMEGA. In both, she has short black hair styled in a bob, with dark eyes. In Nyakumi and Mai, she wears a blue-ribboned white schoolgirl outfit with a black skirt. In the OMEGA duology, rather than the standard University of Yomei uniform, Nyakumi instead wears a black schoolgirl outfit with a purple ribbon, which differentiates her from almost all of the other school-age girls in the duology. In addition, she gains a number of vampiric traits, such as slitted pupils and fangs, as well as styled pink fingernails. In OMEGA 2, upon becoming a succubus, her eyes turn scarlet, and she gains scarlet markings all over her body, covering up most of her private areas, as well as wings and a tail.

Like Aya and Kasumi before her, Nyakumi’s personality is not very evident in her first appearance, though she seems timid. In Mai, however, Nyakumi appears to be vindictive and spiteful, as evidenced when she is a party in inviting two other men to rape Mai while she is having sex with her boyfriend, and then leaving with Mai’s boyfriend when they are done the first time.

Nyakumi receives a much larger role in the OMEGA duology than most of the other returning girls; in the game, she is cold and dismissive, unwilling to tolerate Ayane Tendo’s antics in the classroom. she nyakumi is, however, willing to fight Tendo, and also demonstrates a degree of one-upsmanship with Tendo. When she is betrayed by Chokugen and Mimi Minami, she is willing to put aside her differences with Tendo to deal with more important issues, though she notes that she still does not trust her. After this, however, she demonstrates a degree of loyalty, fighting against Chokugen when the group confronts him. She is very prideful, evidenced in how she pursued her initial mission at the university, and showed amazement and disbelief when she unlocked her succubus abilities late in the game.

OMEGA 2 also fills in numerous details on Nyakumi’s backstory, implying that she is not of Japanese descent, meaning that her distinctly Japanese name may not be her true name. Nyakumi is said to come from a “dark clan” (the canon’s name for vampirism), shunned by the clan for her mixed, diluted heritage. Her mother apparently committed the grievous sin of mating with a human male, tainting Nyakumi’s blood and preventing her natural vampiric abilities from developing properly. For this, Nyakumi was exiled until she could prove that she had the same abilities as her fellow clan members. She arrived at the University of Yomei in search of a great power, possibly Tagishi, which may have led her into the service of Chokugen.

Nyakumi is identified in OMEGA 2 as a half-vampire (translated as being part of the “dark clan”); this gives her a host of unique abilities, and grants her power that is practically unmatched in the canon. She is incredibly strong, agile, and efficient, easily able to fight head-to-head with Tendo, as shown several times in OMEGA. Additionally, she is fast, her speed being unrivaled by regular humans, and her movement is floaty and seemingly unaffected by gravity. Her vampiric powers also grant her the ability to zombify and take control of people by biting them and presumably sucking their blood; Nyakumi demonstrates this in OMEGA, attacking and zombifying Togo’s gang. The mind control and zombification appears to be something Nyakumi can control, as she sucked Ohara’s blood in OMEGA 2 without any adverse effects on Ohara.

As Nyakumi’s father was presumably human, Nyakumi’s mixed blood allows her to masquerade as a human without any of the drawbacks to vampirism (noted as being able to stay awake and be active during daytime, eat most kinds of food, and cross rivers), though her vampiric abilities appear to be severely diminished as a result, specifically lacking the ability to transform.

OMEGA 2 hints that Nyakumi has access to great power, if she can figure out how to unlock it. This is eventually realized when Nyakumi transforms into a succubus after revitalizing herself using Ohara’s blood. As a succubus, Nyakumi retains most of her usual strength and speed, but gains wings and additional resiliency.

in Nyakumi
Nyakumi is the titular character of third release, in which she has sex with another student in a classroom for the entirety of the video.

Nyakumi makes a cameo appearance in Mai, where she is shown taking Mai’s boyfriend away, leaving Mai to be raped by two other men.

Nyakumi is the initial and primary antagonist of Game of Lascivity OMEGA. Initially, she is merely shown as a cold girl who thinks very little of Tendo, considering her to be nothing more than a loud nuisance; she also mentions that Tendo is ‘too hot.’ She is subsequently shown one-upping Tendo several times throughout the game.

She is revealed at the end of the game to be an accomplice of Chokugen and Mimi, identified as an “inhuman” in dialogue, and forces Gario, Togo, and Daichi to be her minions by biting them. She then fights Tendo in the closing sequence of the game, after which she is betrayed and nearly killed by Mimi, which causes her to join Tendo and Ohara.


Nyakumi has a central role, this time as a protagonist, in the second volume of the OMEGA duology. The game opens with a narrative sequence discussing Nyakumi’s heritage, shedding light on her motivations in the first game. In this, she is noted to be royalty from a clan of inhuman “dark ones,” but Nyakumi is different, due to her half-human heritage. This resulted in her being exiled from the clan, only being allowed back if she were to unlock her “true potential,” which she pursues through Ohara.

She is immobilized along with Tendo at the beginning of the game while trying to reach Chokugen, after Ohara is confronted by Miyuki Kageyama. During a fight with Chokugen afterwards, she is easily subdued and brutalized by him, left behind as a result by Tendo and Ohara. Chokugen subsequently rapes her after she has been subdued with a spell by Mimi, while Mimi watches on in discomfort.

When Ohara and Tendo return to rescue Kayo, she bites Ohara to regain her strength, and is thrown off the top of the building by Mimi. However, she survives the fall, and returns to fight the Tagishi-enhanced Chokugen in a new succubus form, apparently derived from the bite she gave Ohara, thus unlocking her “true potential.” She helps weaken and distract Chokugen enough for him to be defeated by Tendo.

With her appearance in Mai, Nyakumi was the first female character to appear in more than one UMEMARO release; this phenomenon became more frequent beginning with the OMEGA duology.
DLsite’s translations of the OMEGA duology refer to Nyakumi as “Saki”; this is likely a mistranslation, as the literal translation of Nyakumi’s first name is simply “Nyakumi,” matching her title of the release named after her, which is likely what UMEMARO intended for her name to be.
Nyakumi appears to be left-handed.
Nyakumi shares her voice actress with Manami Kinoshita.

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