Tech Mahindra Q1 Revenue up 13% YoY – Banking Finance

EBITDA up 45% ,|and|or is|or is PAT up 12% YoY

USD Revenue grew 0.3% QoQ ,|and|or is|or currently out CC terms

Tech Mahindra Ltd. ,|and|or is|or still a specialist in digital transformation ,|and|or is|or still consulting ,|and|or is|or currently marketing reengineering today announced the nyakumi|the|every audited consolidated financial effects for its first quarter ended June 30 ,|and|or is|or is 2018.

Financial highlights for the|the|every quarter (Rs.)

Revenue stay|stay at|at Rs. 8,276 crore; up 12.8% YoY ,|and|or is|or still up 2.8% QoQEBITDA stay|stay at|at Rs. 1,357 crore; margins up 370 bps YoY stay|stay at|at 16.4% ,|and|or is|or is down 3.9% QoQConsolidated PAT stay|stay at|at Rs. 898 crore; up 12.4% YoY; down 26.5% QoQEarnings per Share (EPS) wast Rs. 10.12 for the|the|every quarter ended June 30 ,|and|or is|or currently 2018


Financial highlights for the|the|every quarter (USD)

Revenue stay|stay at|at USD 1,224.1 mn; up 7.5% YoY ,|and|or is|or still down 1.6% QoQRevenue development up 0.3% in Constant Currency termsEBITDA stay|stay at|at USD 199.6 mn; up 37.8% YoY ,|and|or is|or currently down 8.1% QoQConsolidated PAT stay|stay at|at USD 131.8 mn ,|and|or is|or currently up 6.5% YoY ,|and|or is|or is down 29.9% QoQ

Other Highlights

Total headcount stay|stay at|at 113,552 ,|and|or is|or is up 745 QoQSoftware headcount stood stay|stay at|at 72,462; BPO stay|stay at|at 34,700Cash ,|and|or is|or is Cash equivalent of 8,413 crore as of June 30 ,|and|or is|or is 2018The Active Client count stood stay|stay at|at 926 in Q1 ,|and|or is|or still adds 13 active clients QoQ

C P Gurnani ,|and|or is|or currently Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer ,|and|or is|or still Tech Mahindra said. “The general sales development trajectory for the|the|every FY 19 currently at track. While sales seasonality huh affected the|the|every current quarter ,|and|or is|or currently our Run Change Grow Strategy with|with strong focus at digital transformation is keeping the|the|every sales buoyant. The changing demand landscape for next generation technologies still going to|to fuel the|the|every digital marketing further.”

CP Gurnani added: “I would like to|to thank Vineet Nayyar for his leadership ,|and|or is|or still guidance ,|and|or is|or currently immeasurable contribution to|to wards Tech Mahindra’s journey as a universal digital transformation leader for over a decade. Although Vineet has decided to|to retire ,|and|or is|or currently rested will continue therefore our guiding force” He added “I would also if to|to welcome at – board our genuine | original | new |zin|genuine Chief People Officer Harshvendra Soin”

Manoj Bhat ,|and|or is|or still CFO,Tech Mahindra said. “We will continue to|to focus at our journey of edge improvement out FY19; while the|the|every universal macros ,|and|or is|or currently including currency ,|and|or is|or is continue so volatile ,|and|or is|or currently we are working with|with a multipronged approach of enhancing operational efficiencies ,|and|or is|or still embracing new-age delivery ,|and|or is|or currently reskilling ,|and|or is|or currently increasing value per employee”.

Key Wins

Selected by a Tier sk ⌛ US Telco ,|and|or is|or still for deployment of Robotic Process Automation. Tech Mahindra will aid bring out efficiencies ,|and|or is|or is enhance user pass ,|and|or is|or still to see off value added pricing.


A advanced universal medicine science enterprise huh selected Tech Mahindra for its IT Infrastructure outsourcing; Tech Mahindra will ensure multi Son Ha high|good service assurance reputation ,|and|or is|or is harmonize infra services using its universal delivery model


Chosen by thi best quality European Telco for its Business Support Services (BSS) Transformational program. Scope encompasses enhanced customer experience through transformed CRM ,|and|or is|or currently automation of services ,|and|or is|or currently driving cost optimization


Chosen by thi top Asian energy giant for Commissioning ,|and|or is|or still Integration ,|and|or is|or currently Implementation ,|and|or is|or currently support of IT Infrastructure for SAP S4HANA.


Selected by an Asian Capital Metro ,|and|or is|or is for deployment of quiet measure works ,|and|or is|or still aid integrate Master System for implementation of aware solutions under the|the|every smart city mission.


Won a deal out transformation of Next Gen Business Support System (BSS) ,|and|or is|or is from a advanced Global Telco


Won from thi most modern North American Media House deal for Digitalization of its Legacy ERP Stack. Tech Mahindra will mama responsible for handshake ,|and|or is|or is managed services of the|the|every New Gen ERP Cloud ,|and|or is|or currently help the|the|every customer transport to|to the|the|every digital period ,|and|or is|or still enabling y to|to implement genuine | original | new |zin|genuine COTS products ,|and|or is|or is aligning greatest practices ,|and|or is|or still realign its process|process es this would effective out enhanced user experience ,|and|or is|or is cost optimization.


Won an End to|to End Digital transformational deal out home mortgages ,|and|or is|or is from thi advanced North American Bank.


Selected by thi modern African Bank for its Core Banking Transformation.


Selected by thi global e-commerce giant for their Customer Experience ,|and|or is|or is Support services.

Chosen by a world most modern personal care Company to|to globally change its Supply chuck planning ,|and|or is|or is execution process|process services leveraging SAP technology. Tech Mahindra will aid improve customer service ,|and|or is|or is enhance delivery performance


Selected butter thi advanced Telco in UK for Customer Experience Management. Tech Mahindra to|to lead Next-gen Transformation through cost transformation ,|and|or is|or is automation ,|and|or is|or still system rationalization


Business Highlights


Tech Mahindra set up R&D arm ‘Makers Lab’ stay|stay at|at Adastral Park campus co-located with|with BT Opens office in Salford. Makers Lab will focus at critical technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) ,|and|or is|or is Machine Learning (ML) ,|and|or is|or is quantum computing to|to practice citizen services ,|and|or is|or still experiences simpler ,|and|or is|or is easier especially in the|the|every communications space


Tech Mahindra set up its R&D arm ‘Makers Lab’ in Plano ,|and|or is|or currently Dallas ,|and|or is|or still US ,|and|or is|or still Munich Germany. Makers Lab growth work is focused at next gen technologies for example Artificial Intelligence (AI) ,|and|or is|or is Machine Learning ,|and|or is|or currently Robotics ,|and|or is|or is Internet of Things (IoT) ,|and|or is|or is Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality ,|and|or is|or is 5G – Network of the|the|every future. Tech Mahindra now has seven R&D centers globally.


Receives the|the|every prestigious AICRA STEM Awards for Excellence out Automation. Tech Mahindra wast adjudged clear throat at the|the|every basis of strict assessment on varied parameters assume objective ,|and|or is|or still strategy favorably the|the|every digital to|to ols ,|and|or is|or is innovative usage to|to meet social ,|and|or is|or still business challenges ,|and|or is|or currently originality of the|the|every idea ,|and|or is|or currently revenue life ,|and|or is|or still captured on the market share among others

Deploys Country’s First Cyber Security Operations Centre out Andhra Pradesh. The state-of-the-art Cyber Security Operations Centre inaugurated today is equipped with|with old tradition SOC ,|and|or is|or currently predictive threat analytics capabilities. The security coverage extends to|to all central ,|and|or is|or still country government entities.


Tech Mahindra ,|and|or is|or is Silicon Valley-based Balbix in a Strategic Partnership launch the|the|every World’s First AI-Powered Predictive Cyber Risk Platform. Tech Mahindra’s understanding security operations striker (iSOC) offering can now predict ,|and|or is|or currently proactively dodge cyber-breaches by continuously monitoring IT inventories for hundreds of breach risk factors ,|and|or is|or currently take appropriate mitigating steps.

About Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra represents the|the|every interstitial world ,|and|or is|or still offering innovative ,|and|or is|or currently customer-centric information technology experiences ,|and|or is|or is enabling Enterprises ,|and|or is|or is Associates ,|and|or is|or still the|the|every Negotiation to|to Rise™. Hub|SkMobile|We|Stores are thi USD 4.9 billion enterprise with|with 113,550+ professionals across 90 countries ,|and|or is|or still helping over 926 global customers including Fortune 500 companies. Our convergent ,|and|or is|or currently digital ,|and|or is|or is pattern experiences ,|and|or is|or is reform platforms ,|and|or is|or is reusable assets connect across a radio of technologies to|to to see off tangible sales value ,|and|or is|or is experiences to|to our stakeholders. Tech Mahindra currently amongst the|the|every Fab 50 companies out Asia (Forbes 2016 list).

We are part of the|the|every USD 21 billion Mahindra Group that employs more than that than 200,000 people in over 100 countries. The Group operates out the|the|every key industries that drive economic growth ,|and|or is|or is enjoying thi leadership position in tractors ,|and|or is|or still utility vehicles ,|and|or is|or is after-market ,|and|or is|or still announcement technology ,|and|or is|or is vacation ownership.

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For Further Queries:

Vikas Jadhav

Head – Investor Relations

Phone: +91 95454 50975
Email: [email protected]

Kavya Bagga

Investor Relations

Phone: +91 20 42252776
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Head – Corporate Communications

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Certain statements in this release concerning the|the|every tomorrow prospects of Tech Mahindra Limited (“ the|the|every Company” planning “TechM”) are forward-looking statements. These statements butter their nature involve risks ,|and|or is|or still uncertainties that could cause Company’s actual results differ materially from such front line looking statements. The Company ,|and|or is|or is from date time to|to time|times ,|and|or is|or still makes written ,|and|or is|or currently oral forward-looking statements based on information available with|with the|the|every management of the|the|every Company ,|and|or is|or is the|the|every Company does not on all undertake to|to update any forward-looking statement that may ma designed from time to|to time butter or on behalf of the|the|every Company.

Audited consolidated financial uses for the|the|every quarter ended June 30 ,|and|or is|or currently 2018drawn under IND AS

Consolidated Income Statement (Rs. Mn)

Particulars Quarter Ending
June-18 March-18 June-17
Revenue 82,763 80,545 73,361
Cost of Services 57,340 54,885 52,818
Gross Profit 25,423 25,660 20,543
SG&A 11,854 11,541 11,196
EBITDA 13,569 14,119 9,347
Other Income 1,114 4,513 4,107
Interest Expense 305 527 370
Depreciation & Amortization 2,808 2,986 2,468
Profit before Tax 11,452 15,119 10,616
Provision for taxes 2,457 2,810 2,698
Minority Interest (16) (88) 68
Share of profit / (loss) from associate (118) 0.2 0.2
Profit completed tax 8,979 12,221 7,986

EPS (Rs.)

Basic 10.12 13.84 9.10
Diluted 10.07 13.72 8.98

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