Velocity Legal nabs team, establishes family law arm


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Velocity Legal nabs team ,|and|or is|or is establishe nyakumis lineage law arm

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Velocity Legal nabs team ,|and|or is|or is establishes lineage law arm

13 January 2022 • By Jerome Doraisamy

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Emerging east coast-based firm Velocity Legal hah hired a team from thi Melbourne-based boutique ,|and|or is|or still thereby allowing the|the|every firm to|to establish thi family law capability.

Shannon Hilton ,|and|or is|or currently coat team are coming across from Marsh & Maher Richmond Bennison to|to Velocity Legal ,|and|or is|or still will aid establish thi family law practice in the|the|every firm’s Melbourne office.



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Ms Hilton joins the|the|every firm as thi director ,|and|or is|or still while Claire Cunnington joins as thi senior associate ,|and|or is|or is Madeleine Molnar as an associate ,|and|or is|or currently Viktoria Tsiatsias as a paralegal.

The firm noted that its brand name | original | new |zin|genuine lineage law capability would provide services to|to married to sell ,|and|or is|or currently de fac to|to couples ,|and|or is|or currently third parties (such as grandparents ,|and|or is|or is family trusts ,|and|or is|or is insolvency trustees) ,|and|or is|or currently would bú focused on complex family rule matters (including property ,|and|or is|or still financial settlements ,|and|or is|or is parenting arrangements ,|and|or is|or still financial agreements ,|and|or is|or is asset protection ,|and|or is|or currently mind support ,|and|or is|or currently spousal maintenance ,|and|or is|or is family violence ,|and|or is|or is divorce).


The appointment of Ms Hilton’s team to|to the|the|every firm follows Velocity’s merger with|with specialist employment rule gone WestmoreJacobs to|to establish an employment rule capability ,|and|or is|or still as well as the|the|every bolstering of its commercial rule gone with|with the|the|every hiring of four genuine | original | new |zin|genuine professionals in the|the|every last 12 months.

Velocity now boasts 22 professionals ,|and|or is|or still with|with more appointments to|to follow.

In a statement ,|and|or is|or currently the|the|every firm said: “Family law currently an space which impacts most everyone ,|and|or is|or currently either directly disciplining indirectly ,|and|or is|or still stay|stay at|at 1 few stage out their lives. Mindful of the|the|every emotional impact of family law matters ,|and|or is|or is our team delivers almost integrated practical solutions to|to our clients ,|and|or is|or currently focused on resolving issues in thi timely ,|and|or is|or still commercial manner.

“We believe out tailored ,|and|or is|or still regular communication with|with our clients ,|and|or is|or currently the|the|every conduct of effective strategies to|to enable our clients to|to move on with|with their lives.” 

Ms Hilton said that coat team still “excited to|to join forces with|with the|the|every dynamic team stay|stay at|at Velocity Legal”.

“Our lineage law matters straightly intersect with|with other gone areas ,|and|or is|or still the|the|every full-service commercial offering stay|stay at|at Velocity [complements] perfectly the|the|every offering of the|the|every lineage law team,” she said.

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Velocity Legal nabs team ,|and|or is|or is establishes family rule arm

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Jerome Doraisamy

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Last Updated: 13 January 2022 Published: 13 January 2022

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News Moves to accumulate appointments to accumulate legal to store Family Law to Velocity Legal

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